Smullen & Associates, Llc-- Insurance agency and Risk Management specialists providing creative  risk management solutions for businesses

As insurance agents, we work with you to design an insurance and risk management program that aligns your risk strategy with your broader business strategy to reduce your total cost of risk. We access leading insurance companies to partner with you in addressing risk issues and to provide quality products and services.

Smullen & Associates will help you understand, manage and control the myriad of risks facing your business.  We are more than insurance agents or consultants.  We are partners working with you every step of the way to deal effectively with the complexities of risk management.  Don't leave risk to chance.

Risk Management 

As risk management professionals, we understand that managing risk is critical to the long term success of a business. We help you identify, understand, quantify and manage critical business and operational risks.  By working with you to control, avoid or transfer risks, we help you manage  your company's risk profile to levels consistent with risk tolerances.




 Insurance, Risk Management & Consulting

As consultants, we work with you to identify strategic and operational risks and to provide a range of solutions to address these risks.  We tailor our approach and services to your unique needs and  work to assure a comprehensive and integrated approach to addressing your risk management issues.

Smullen & Associates, LLC